Wedding cakes

Here is a selection of our previous creations

Love wedding cake 1.JPGLove wedding cake 4.JPGDouble sided wedding cake 6.JPGDouble sided wedding cake 5.JPGDouble sided wedding cake 4.JPGDouble sided wedding cake 3.JPGIMG_6150.JPGIMG_6145.JPGCampervan wedding cake 2.jpgCampervan wedding cake 3.jpgCampervan wedding cake 1.JPGTeal and peach dummy cake 2.jpgTeal and peach dummy cake 1.jpgIMG_5187.jpgIMG_5185.JPGIMG_5184.JPGIMG_5183.JPGIMG_5182.JPGIMG_5181.JPGIMG_5180.JPGIMG_5178.JPGIMG_5118.JPGIMG_5112.JPGIMG_5100.jpgCrewe Hall wedding 14.jpgCrewe Hall wedding 6.jpgCrewe Hall wedding 3.jpgCrewe Hall wedding 1.jpgRoyal blue butterfly wedding cake 4.jpgRoyal blue butterfly wedding cake 3.jpgRoyal blue butterfly wedding cake 1.jpgNaked berries wedding cake.JPGNaked berries wedding cake 1.jpgRookery peach ruffles 4.jpgPeach ruffles 14.jpgPale orange wedding cranage 1.JPGIMG_4526.JPGIMG_4517.JPGIMG_4513.JPGIMG_4506.JPGIMG_4495.JPGPurple cupcake tower 1.jpgSunflower wedding cake 8.jpgSunflower wedding cake 6.jpgSunflower wedding cake 2.jpgLaura Jones Wedding 12.jpgLaura Jones Wedding 10.jpgLaura Jones Wedding 4.jpgLaura Jones Wedding 2.jpgPillars wedding cake 8.JPGPillars wedding cake 1.jpgPillars wedding cake 5.jpgPeach ruffles 1.jpgHerb heart ribbed 4.jpgBlue, gold rustic 4.jpgRibbed effect iced cake.jpgNaked Wedding cake 5.JPGNaked Wedding cake 1.JPGNaked Wedding cake 6.JPG20141108_101239-1.jpg20141108_101232.jpg20141108_101154.jpg20141031_095615-1.jpg20141025_102304-2.jpg20141025_102225.jpg20141025_102152-1.jpgWedding Cookie Favours.jpegBeaded Wedding Cake.jpegpurple hearts.jpgPurple hearts2.jpgPurple Hearts1.jpgPeach tiered Wedding Cake.jpgIvory lustre wedding.jpgIvory lustre wedding2.jpgIvory lustre wedding3.jpgPink and Lilac Ruffles1.jpgPink and Lilac Ruffles2.jpgLilies 2.jpgLilies1.jpgLovebirds.jpg20140124_122925.jpg20140124_122639.jpg20140124_122626.jpgPeach floral.jpgPeach floral 2.jpgBlack, Ivory & Diamante1.jpgBlack, Ivory & Diamante2.jpgIvory & red roses 3.jpgIvory&red roses2.jpgStaircase shape.JPGIvory & red roses.JPGSugar roses.jpgLovebird wedding 4.JPGLovebird wedding 3.JPGCupcake tower 6.JPGCupcake tower 7.JPGTeapot wedding cake 10.JPGTeapot wedding cake 3.JPGYellow tiered wedding 1.JPGYellow tiered wedding 4.JPGLace wedding cake 5.JPGLace wedding cake 1.JPGCake assortment 2.JPGtwo sided cake 4.JPGtwo sided cake 3.JPGSAM_0286.JPGSAM_0285.JPGSAM_0281.JPGSAM_0279.JPGCerise navy wedding 5.JPGCerise navy wedding 13.JPGCerise navy wedding 4.JPGBride,groom and Toby wedding 14.JPGBride,groom and Toby wedding 10.JPGBride,groom and Toby wedding 8.JPGDaisy7.JPGTurquoise Wedding15.JPGTurquoise Wedding11.JPGTurquoise Wedding9.JPGPink Heart tiered3.JPGPink Heart tiered1.JPG

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